Why Hygrid Supervisor?

The Hygrid Supervisor is an “engineer-in-a-box” that reduces the cost of managing renewable energy and battery storage systems and increases performance and longevity of the assets
by active, automated control, operation to limit component degradation and provision
of meaningful, actionable operational guidance.

Hygrid Supervisor Capabilities:

Predictive and adaptive control

Automated control decisions account for the business case objectives, all real-time inputs, near-term predicted conditions – machine-learning from past performance – and applies algorithms to manage degradation conditions of different battery types.

Whole of life asset management

Performance of assets can degrade over time, Hygrid Supervisor is the only vendor independent system for monitoring degradation and actively controlling systems to reduce and limit degradation, extending operating life and postponing replacement costs.

Actionable intelligence

Managing multiple sources of data at a site and across multiple sites complicates effective operational management. Hygrid Supervisor provides a single source of truth and more efficient oversight of assets, made even more effective by automation to limit human intervention and by distilling data into effective actionable advice.