Hygrid Edge Supervisor

Collects and collates data from the BMSs (battery monitoring systems), inverters, solar systems, generation sources, load and other local systems such as HVAC and PLCs. This data combines locally-processed datasets enabling real-time, local responsive actions, and datasets duplicated to the cloud platform, with key data points delivered directly to client systems.

Hygrid CLOUD Supervisor

Is a cloud-based monitoring portal where datasets are analysed and acted upon with a combination of machine-learning/AI and human-in-the-loop intelligence. It combines generation of insights for our engineers with the ability to securely modify local control variables and manipulate overall system performance for optimal outcomes.

Hygrid Supervisor

Consultancy Services

Technology & Engineering

The Hygrid team has experience in engineering on- and off- grid renewable energy and energy storage systems, including multi-application battery energy storage projects, and covering a wide range of technologies and vendors.

Project Management & Implementation

Hygrid consultants can assist in planning and delivering renewable generation with energy storage, having had experience in multiple jurisdictions including Australia, USA, India, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

Commercial & Product Management

Hygrid can support both project and product developments from market review, feasibility assessments, business case analysis, vendor selection, and stakeholder engagement right through to compliance and support for obtaining certifications.