Hygrid Energy joins EnergyLab 2021 Climate Solutions Accelerator Program

August 5, 2021

We are proud and excited for Hygrid Energy to be part of EnergyLab’s Climate Solutions Accelerator cohort for 2021!

The Climate Solutions Accelerator is EnergyLab’s flagship program and provides the best cleantech startups with all the support they need to reach their potential. In 2021, six pioneering startups were accepted into the program, including Hygrid Energy. After receiving a combined investment of nearly half a million dollars, the six companies taking part have now kicked off a 6-month program to accelerate the deployment of their climate solutions in Australia and overseas.

The program gives a great boost for Hygrid Energy and our Hygrid Supervisor whose control technology that provides an “engineer in a box” for managing renewable energy and battery storage assets.

More information on the program is available at EnergyLab. The other participants in the 2021 cohort are:

  • Bloom Impact Investing: easy and accessible climate impact investing.
  • Carbon Asset Solutions: precision soil-based carbon credits.
  • Circle Harvest: more food using less resources in the form of a tiny, nutritious superfood: crickets!
  • Harvest Thermal: high-efficiency home heating and hot water with thermal energy storage.
  • Infravision: unmanned aircraft systems for power line construction.